Haroon Sharif BEST ENGAGMENT RINGS, is out there during a sort of colours. Shown here may be a pear-shaped amethyst and brilliant cut diamonds set in alloy. It’s stacked with a rose gold wedding ring set with brilliant cut diamonds

Similarly, Haroon Sharif’s Royal collection uses strong, regal colours. Haroon Sharif has an air of Imperial elegance pervades. Haroon Sharif’s collection is an ingenious and versatile choice of ring.

The pear-shaped aigrette centre-piece is like the Maison’s famous tiaras, but on a smaller scale to suit your finger by the BEST JEWELLERS IN LAHORE.

Royal Rings


The Royal rings are often set with an array of colour gemstones from amethyst, citrinin and peridot, to aquamarine and rhodolite. The ‘v’ shape of the ring invites the corporate of the Best Engagement Ring and later, an eternity ring by the best Jewellers in Lahore.

For the unconventional colour-lover Haroon Sharif offers a particular alternative. The best Jeweller’s designs have a fresh rawness. Through her ‘cast-not-set’ process, colourful stones seem to emerge organically from their gold surround. The best Jewellers in Lahore are unafraid of uneven stone shapes.

Matter Gold Rings


Their best Engagement Rings make an ingenious alternative to the normal eternity ring. The matte gold bands are speckled with coloured gems to comfortably accompany a ring of any colour by the BEST JEWELLERS IN LAHORE.

The Best Engagement Rings are a fresh and original alternative for the no-fuss-no-frills bride by the best Jewellers in Lahore.

Best Collection


Haroon Sharif’s bridal collection may be a testament to their eye for colour. The unique engagement rings are often paired with an identical enamelled eternity ring for a double colour pop. So, dare to travel beyond the normal solitaires for a ring to really match your personality.

Haroon Sharif’ exquisite formal rings are a mouth-watering feast of colours. Asail yellow gold, the pave band of candy-coloured lacquer enamel stripes alternate between round-cut pink sapphires by the BEST JEWELLERS IN LAHORE.



Shafaq Habib is a Pakistani Jewellery designer that established her label in 1981 in New York City. She started her career at Lord & Taylor on 5th Avenue under the label, ‘Pearls Galore.’

At the time she hands made every piece of Pearl Jewellery herself. She re-launched herself in Pakistan in the 1990’s focusing on Jewellery for today’s South Asian women.

She now heads a Jewellery Design house that employs craftsmen from all over Pakistan, utilizing the specialized skills of artisans from all areas of the country.

Working closely with the artisans the brand creates unique 22K Gold and Diamond jewellery that exhibit modern design aesthetics while remaining loyal to the beauty of ancient Indian and Islamic jewellery making forms.

Shafaq travels all over the world looking for unique pearls, gemstones and inspiration from different cultures and art forms to fuse with her own ethnic tastes.


Her designs capture her travels and research as she fuses European, Far eastern, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Central Asian art with traditional South Asian Jewellery forms.

She finds inspiration in traditional South Asian designs yet challenges the traditional jewellery form by introducing unconventional colors and shapes. For example, Using Amber and Turquoise in traditional bridal sets instead of the conventional Emeralds and Rubies by the best Jewellers in Lahore.

Or using traditional Indian Polki Diamonds with an Italian Gold pattern. She also likes to challenge the traditional way Jewellery is worn. For example, taking the Jhumer and making it a multipurpose piece (Brooch/Pendant/ Hair piece).

The Jewellery is South Asian yet exquisitely unconventional.

The design philosophy is based on a constant experimentation of shapes- unique shapes of gemstones and pearls are artistically balanced with traditional forms of South Asian 22K Gold and Diamond Jewellery.

The brand also designs Islamic Calligraphy embedding Arabic and Persian prayers with Diamonds, Gemstones and Pearls to create a modern twist to traditional Islamic Jewellery.

The coming together of various Pakistani Jewellery making styles along with a modern twist of design using nontraditional Gemstones and Pearls with traditional Polki Diamonds and 22K Gold has led to a Jewellery style that is described as ‘Signature Shafaq.’


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