Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir Mayon Ceremony

Valentine day has just passed but love is still in the air. The lovely couple Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir, have taken the world of internet by storm with their dreamy and pensive snaps on their Mayon function. The couple looks gorgeous, elegant, and simplistically beautiful in the viral pics.

Some Glimpses of Mayon Function outfits

We can see Sajal Ali looking drop dead gorgeous even without make up in orange colored Mayon attire. Ahad is also shining bright in simple white Shalwar Kameez. The simple Mayon ceremony in the presence of a few close relatives conveys the idea of exquisite simplicity and elegance.

Closeness of Both Families

The couple’s personal admiration accompanied by the family’s admiration for both of them is simply spectacular. Ahad’s mother is all praise for Sajal Ali and Sajal’s family has got amazing appreciation and admiration for Ahad’s personality and character.

Streak of Strong Relationships

The scenario depicts the closeness of the families of both along with the bond building between them. This really helps youngsters to decide well about their life fearlessly and boldly.The decision seems a streak a long held and strengthened relation.

Both Actors on Acting Horizons

Sajal is an amazing performer when it comes to acting. On the other end, Ahad has bagged enormous admiration and popularity from people by displaying tremendous acting skills in some well esteemed projects including one of the most admired “Ehd-e-Wafa”.

Motivation for Simplicity

The couple’s simple Mayon is a trend setter and inspiration factor for the people to organize their events in a traditionally modest way to decorate it with love and affection instead of lavish spending. A one step towards simplistic approach is undoubtedly a praise worthy aspect of their Mayon function.


Best Couple Award

The two actors earned the Best Couple Award as well as Best Actor and Best Actress honors in 2018. Sajal’s sister, Saboor was all praise and admiration for them. Both the actor and actress have an amazing on-screen chemistry which is going to continue in life as well.

Our Prayers

The couple is soon going to be bonded in a very blessed and sacred relationship of marriage. Pak Cheers wish them the best of everything for their relationship and future life.

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