Corona Virus; Origin, Hype, Misconception, Treatment, Precautions

Coronavirus The most feared mysterious disease these days is Corona Virus. People have witnessed people falling on the ground senselessly and dying on the spot. Many of the people is China suffered this fate until they finally realized that Corona existed. Before the discovery of Corona, many fatalitieshappened. The world finally came to realization of Corona virus. What’s more threatening is the spread of the virus. The disease has outbrokenimmenselyin a short span of time. Origin of the epidemic As assumed, starting from China, Corona has become the reason of lock down in many countries far away from China. China is already struggling to create vaccine for Corona to make people recover from this contagious disease. Corona Virus is the root cause of illnesses ranging from mild to severe respiratory diseases. Starting from mild flu, cough, and fever, the virus causes serious damages to respiratory system eventually resulting in sudden…