The Best Desi Restaurants in Lahore

Lahoris are famous for their love for desi dishes and fast foods. Speaking of desi foods, we have compiled a list of one of the best desi restaurants in Lahore and their names have been listed below:

  1. The Salt’n Pepper
  2. Spice Bazaar
  3. Monal Restaurant
  4. The Lakhanvi
  5. Haveli Restaurant
  6. Bar BQ Tonight
  7. Ziafat
  8. Butt Karahi
  9. Yasir Broast
  10. Al-Nakhal

Their details have been written below.

The Salt’n Pepper:


Being one of the oldest restaurants in Lahore, it is suitable for a family gathering, friends’ get together or a memorable occasion. It is one of the best desi restaurants in Lahore to go to. With having multiple franchises all across Pakistan, Salt’n Pepper provides the best ambience and customer service. It was established back in 1983 and has been satisfying foodies since decades. They have spread their franchises as far as London to prove their mettle.

Spice Bazaar:


The Spice Bazar is a part of the Yum Group of Restaurants which was established back in 2010. Spice Bazar is a well known name for desi foods. They specialize in variety of desi dishes and have a diverse menu including BBQ specialties, soups, appetizers, BBQ ( Chicken, Mutton, Beef ), sea food, tawa corner, family platters etc. They also have a section ‘From Khyber’ in their menu in which all the dishes from up-north have been enlisted.

Monal Restaurant:


Located on the top of parking plaza, Liberty Roundabout, Monal is one of the best desi restaurants in Lahore. Owing to their location,they not only provide a glamorous view of the roads of Lahore to their customers but also provide a mega treat for the taste buds of their customers. They not only serve one of the best desi foods in Lahore but also have a section ‘From Around The World’ in their menu in which they serve foreign dishes. In addition to this, they also serve fast foods and desserts and sweet items. The sweet dishes such as halwa, kheer etc. have been mentioned in the section ‘Meetha’ of their menu.

The Lakhanvi:


Located on the Lobby Floor of the Avari Hotel Lahore, The Lakhanvi Restaurant is Pakistan’s one of the first sub-continental traditional dining restaurant. Its well known for its grandeur and majesty. This restaurant traces its lineage some 200 years back to the royal chefs of the Awadh Region of the ancient Mughal and Persian culture.

Haveli Restaurant:


Located at Food Street Fort Lahore, Haveli Restaurant is not only one of the best desi restaurants in Lahore but also provide breath-taking scenic views to its customers. They have an exquisite menu list which includes starters, BBQs, soups, family platters, takka takk, karahi corner, Jheenga la la, namak mandi etc. Moreover, they also offer dishes and food items that are totally unique and mouth-watering, a total treat for the taste buds.

Bar BQ Tonight:


With multiple branches in Lahore, Bar BQ tonight is ruling the desi food market. After years and years of service,  Bar BQ Tonight have made hundreds, if not thousands, of loyal customers who love the dynamic and diverse taste offered at Bar BQ Tonight. They have a wide variety of items in their menu encompassing all the possible dishes that could fall in desi foods category.



Serving Lahoris for quite a couple of years, Ziafat has been one of the best desi restaurants in Lahore for years now. Owing to the wide variety of foods offered at Ziafat, people love going there to provide their taste buds with a taste they might have never experienced before. Ziafat not only offers Pakistani foods but also offers vegetarian and Chinese foods too.

Butt Karahi:


Butt Karahi definitely makes it to the list of top best desi restaurants in Lahore owing to the unique taste that the chefs at Butt Karahi put in their dishes. They have a diverse menu including seasonal dishes, Chinese cuisine, starters as well as specialties. Their specialties include chicken karahi, special mutton karahi, desi murgh karahi, special desi murgh karahi and mutton karahi.

Yasir Broast:


With over a dozen branches in Lahore, Yasir Broast is one of the leading desi restaurants in Lahore. With exquisite customer service and exceptional taste served in the food, Yasir Broast is really the desi restaurant where Lahoris love to go. With a wide range of desi food, starters and breakfast and lunch as well as dinner deals, Yasir Broast is definitely a must-go.



Al-Nakhal is one of the leading top-notch desi restaurants that offers not only Pakistani but also offers Indian, Chinese, Arabian and continental BBQ. With an extremely diverse food items in their menu, they also take their customer’s satisfaction in their utmost priority.

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