Top Wedding Photographers in Lahore Who Can Capture Stunning Photographs

Photography is a major part of wedding all across the globe. It’s the set of best memories the bride and groom have from their wedding day due to which it is of primary significance from nearly past two decades. The photography trends evolve over time and its necessary to stay up to date regarding these trends. We here at PakCheers, will not only provide the contact numbers, addresses, portfolios of the best wedding photographers in Pakistan but will also aware our readers with the latest trends in the world of wedding photography.


Wedding day is one of the most prominent day in the life of a man/woman. The preparations for this day begun a few months prior to the wedding date, this is also what makes it special and unique. Talking about the wedding day, people hire the best of the best wedding photographers to have the best pictures out of their wedding day. Talking about the wedding photography in Lahore, the best wedding photographers in Lahore would know which moments to capture at which time so that the essence of the moment is at its best. Such moments shall be discussed in this article along with the best photographers in Lahore. The best wedding photographers in Lahore will not only cater to the needs of their clients but will also provide them with such a work that is way above satisfactory.


Special Moments which the Best Wedding Photographers in Lahore should capture on the Wedding Day:

The special moments in a wedding photography which are mandatory to be photographed have been listed below:

Bride Getting Ready

Groom Getting Ready


Overall Ceremony Shot


Walking Down the Aisle


Close-Up of the Couple

Nikkah Moments

Nikkah Moments

Bridal Portraits

Groom Portraits

Couple Portraits

Wedding Party

Now that we are aware with the special moments, lets head towards the best wedding photographers in Lahore who have been listed below:

Da Artist Photography


Ather Shahzad Studio

Maximus Studio


Infocus by Zain


Fabi Studios


Mega Productions


Spot 9


Bhatti’s Photography


Atif Saeed Photography


HS studio by Bilal Saeed


Studio Afzl


Xpressions Photography

Xpressions Photography

Arfa Usman Photography

Arfa Usman Photography

These were some of the top wedding photographers in Lahore. The contact numbers, port folios, services along with the prices, reviews and many other things have been provided on our online portal ( of these above mentioned photographers.

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