Meet 10 of the Best Wedding Planners in Lahore:

Fixed dates, selection of dresses, bringing home sweets in bulk quantity, booking a marquee and whatnot, all the aforementioned things point at only one major event that happens ‘at least’ once in every person’s life that is wedding. Wedding is one of the most important day in every person’s life set to start a new journey of life with his/her to-be better half. So, that special day’s arrangements should be as special as the day, right? Speaking of which, you don’t need to worry about your wedding planning and arrangements at all as Pak Cheers has got your back. We here at Pak Cheers shall provide you with the details, authentic information, contact numbers, prices as well as the addresses of the best service providers. Whenever we hear the term wedding, the first thing that pops up in our mind is a couple and the second thing that most probably appears in one’s mind is a banquet hall and the wedding planning team. It is the wish of every person to make his/her wedding day the most memorable day of his/her life so for that purpose one chooses for the best banquet hall he/she can afford on their special day.

Weddings are ‘the’ most important day in the life of a man and a woman. It is the wish and desire of every man/woman that his/her wedding day is up to the mark and for the purpose they hire the best service providers, which they can afford, for the wedding planning.

The Top 10 Wedding Planners in the Lahore City are as following:


1. A2Z Events Solutions:

Located at one of the prime locations in Lahore, the A2Z Events Solutions is one of the best wedding planners in Lahore. After making countless clients satisfied in the US, UK, Middle East and the Europe successfully, A2Z Event Solutions is right here in your city to make your weddings and events memorable.


2. Sparkle-Nida Ahsan Events:

Located in one of the most prime locations in Lahore, the Sparkle-Nida Ahsan Events shall cater to all sorts of needs of their clients. Whether it be related to entertainment, food, décor or anything else, don’t worry as they have got your back. They also make their way to the list of the best event management company in Lahore.


3. De’Shazy Events:

Since working over a decade now, De’Shazy Event Management Team has a huge fan base in Lahore due to long list of the customers it has satisfied. Covering not only birthday, weddings, corporate meetings but also events such as concerts etc. De’Shazy is your one-stop to cater all your needs.

4. Lumineux Event Management:

Lumineux Event Management is one of the top event planners in Lahore. They shall cater to all your needs and desires by using the latest trends in weddings. They’ll arrange an indoor setting or even outdoor setting for the event as per the request of their client.


5. AKN Events & Pr.:

Located at a prominent location in Lahore, the AKN Events & Pr. will not only provide management in case of weddings, birthdays, but also in the case of conferences, fun fairs, and even concert. The setting of the event could be outdoor or indoor, depending upon the demand of the client.

6. Silver Lining:

The team at Silver Lining will not only make your wedding events marvelous but will fill them with such joyful moments that you shall remember your whole life. The Silver Lining team will cater to all the needs and desires of their clients.


7. LaFesta:

The team at LaFesta will not only make your weddings special but will make your imaginary life come to existence. They shall also provide gift baskets, birth announcements, supply of decoration items and much more.


8. Eventartist:

The Eventartist shall not only fill your weddings with joy but will also make your bridal showers and related events top notch and up to your demands.

9. Party Perfectionist’s:

The Party Perfectionist’s have made a significant name in the list of best wedding planners in Lahore for bridal showers, and other similar events. They make sure that they cater to the needs of their clients in every way possible.


10. Ahsan & Co Event Planners and Catering:

The above mentioned event planners and caterers have made their name by satisfying numerous clients. The Ahsan & Co Event Planners and Caterings provide both the indoor and outdoor services. They not only cover engagements, weddings but also birthdays, corporate meetings etc.

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