All About The Latest Pakistani Wedding Trends

Weddings have always been a collection of days of extreme joy, pleasure and happiness for the families, relatives and the friends of bride and groom. It is not just celebrated in one way, but every family has its own way of celebrating this big day according to their desire and wish. Each and every family in our Pakistani community always tries its level best to spend more money to celebrate this big day than they could have actually afford. This is where our team steps in. We here at PakCheers, shall provide you not only with the contact numbers, but also with the portfolios and reliable as well as efficient information about the service providers whom shall make your day exactly as it you want to be, as per your desires and the best part is that it will be totally according to your budget. Here at PakCheers, we shall provide you not only with contact details of the best beauty salons in Pakistan but also with the details and portfolios of the best decorators in Pakistan and as well as that of best bridal makeup salons in Pakistan.

Moreover, in this read you shall also find the latest trends in Pakistani weddings regarding the décor, bridal makeup and beauty salons in the country. Ever since a boy or a girl achieve his or her age of maturity, parents start thinking about their wedding and about choosing their wedding partner for them. The wedding day for which the preparations had also begun a couple of months earlier, HAS to be phenomenal, right? So, for the aforementioned purpose, every person tries his/her best to make his/her wedding day the best day of his/her life in every sense. All of this can be achieved by contacting the service providers whose contact numbers and portfolios we have provided. In a country enriched with a diverse culture and traditions, customs and trade, these top 10 trends have been carefully extracted by keeping the weddings of celebrities and politicians in view.

Vibrant Colours

1. Vibrant Colours:

Thanks to the celebrities and the politicians who uploaded the details of their weddings on their social media due to which we were able to experience the weddings as we were present there. Out of many common thing, the most prominent was the use of vibrant colour in almost all of the things such as the décor, entrances, dresses etc.

2. Wedding contrast of the Year:

Every year, a specific colour is always used the most in the wedding events and ceremonies and due to this extensive use of the colour it becomes the colour of the year. A company named Pantone based in New Jersey, has named the colour “coral” the best colour of the year. Coral is the colour which is a blend of a sunny, bright, pinkish-orange colour. With the help of this colour, not only you’ll stand out from the crowd but will also manage to appear the best in the event.

3. Invitation Designs:

The invitation cards that you parcel or handover your guests are the first key guess of how the wedding is going to be. So, the cards better be creative, simple, yet elegant. Nowadays, the use of traditional colours is very trendy, keeping it as simple and delicate as possible.

4. Natural-Look on the Wedding day:

The use of heavy base, artificial eyelashes and glittery eye shades is not praised by the people nowadays. These days, the brides show off their look in a naturally toned makeup to showcase their beauty and glow. This is the new makeup trend for the brides and the use of heavy makeup is a past thing now.

5. Exotic Destinations:

We’ve seen in the past that many of the Pakistani celebrities have had their weddings at exotic places such as Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar Khan had their Valima reception in the Northern Areas. So, having wedding receptions at exotic places is a new trend that is being followed by many people in Pakistan and other countries too.

6. Bridal Veil:

The new trend that is really booming is the use of bridal veil in the bridal dress. Not just a common veil, but the use of a tulle veil which is a bit longer than the usual ones. We have had seen this trend followed by a few foreign celebrities in the past. So if you want something out of the box, this is it!

7. Bridal’s Hairdo with Flowers:

The brides these days are preferring a hairstyle that is decorated with the use of natural flowers. It not only adds to the beauty of the natural makeup but also gives the bride a more elegant look.

8. Environment-Friendly Wedding:

Keeping the pollution problem in view, many of the weddings present a theme that is eco-friendly. Moreover, they encourage their guests, families, relatives and friends to give away charity or donate the money to some good cause rather than bringing them expensive gifts just as the world witnessed this example at the wedding ceremony of Prince Harry-Meghan Markle.

9. Classical Weddings:

More and more people are converting to the old trends rather than the modern things such as the use of flower wall, silver candlesticks, crystal stemware etc. in the décor. So, the point is people are focusing their attention on classical décor rather than the modern one.

10. Fewer Guests, More Ravishing event:

Nowadays, the people are celebrating intimate weddings where only close friends, families and acquaintances are invited and all of them experience a better pleasure and joy in this way. The money saved can be spent in many wonderful ways such as on honeymoons etc.

These were a few top trends in the events of weddings. Considering all of these wedding trends, one can make his/her wedding day to be the most memorable day of his/her life. The aforementioned trends of décor, all about the beauty salons and the best bridal makeup in Pakistan have been carefully picked keeping the customs and traditions of Pakistan in consideration.

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