15 Best Event Planners in Lahore for Birthday Party

Birthday is the day which is celebrated and enjoyed, no matter how much old you are. Each year, friends and families gather together to celebrate birthdays together to make their birth day even more special and marvelous. To cater to your special needs regarding this, the best event planners in Lahore shall save you a lot of your precious time and money and will also surely keep you from all the stress of managing. To find out how, stick to this article of ours.

How to Plan a Birthday Party?

A few tips to plan and execute a birthday party have been discussed below:

  • If the person who his birthday goes to office or university, then by the end of the day take them to a restaurant to have a cup of tea and meanwhile coordinate with their friends and family and also invite them over to the venue and give him/her a surprise birthday party.
  • Sending flowers to the person whose birthday it is, can be the perfect idea. Everyone loves flowers and especially when they are unexpected. Send these flowers to their work place or home
  • Give the person a heavy treat of things, he/she is fond of whose birthday it is. The person would love it and will definitely remember that birthday forever.

All of this can be coordinated with the best event planners in Lahore for birthdays. they will not only execute your plans with exceptional professionalism but will also suggest you ideas to make your plans even more unique. Furthermore, we will discuss a few best Event Planners in Lahore for birthdays and different events.


Here are the Best Event Planners in Lahore Who Arrange the best Birthday Party For You

1. Lumineux Event Management:

Due to its prime location and affordable prices, the staff at Lumineux Event Management have made their name in this field. Audio video visuals, entertainment, décor and whatnot, you just name it.

2. Peppermint Parties:

The team here claims to be the inspirational and innovative event planner in not only Lahore but in the whole country as well. Whether it’s a night function or an event in the broad daylight, the Peppermint Parties shall make it memorable for you in every way possible.

3. Mango People Events:

The staff at Mango People Events claim that they are ‘#aamlog’ but will make your events ‘#khaas’. Whether it be weddings, birthdays, family get together or corporate conferences, don’t worry as Mango People Events shall cater to all your needs. 

4. Sparkle-Nida Ahsan Events:

Located in one of the most prime locations in Lahore, the Sparkle-Nida Ahsan Events shall cater to all sorts of needs of their clients. Whether it be related to entertainment, food, décor or anything else, don’t worry as they have got your back. They also make their way to the list of the best event management company in Lahore.

5. Silver Lining:

The Silver Lining Event Management is your one-stop for the catering of all your needs. Whether it is a wedding, or a birthday party to celebrate, or a corporate meeting to have an impression on the guests, the people at Silver Lining will do whatever you deem fit to make your event marvelous and memorable.

6. Ahsan & Co Event Planners and Catering:

The above mentioned event planners and caterers have made their name by satisfying numerous clients. The Ahsan & Co Event Planners and Caterings provide both the indoor and outdoor services. They not only cover engagements but also birthdays, corporate meetings etc.

7. Party Perfectionist’s:

The party perfectionist’s have made a significant name in the list of best event planners in Lahore for birthdays, bridal showers, and other similar events. They make sure that they cater to the needs of their clients in every way possible.

8. De’ Shazy Events:

Since working over a decade now, De’ Shazy Event Management Team has a huge fan base in Lahore due to long list of the customers it has satisfied. Covering not only birthday, weddings, corporate meetings but also events such as concerts etc. De’ Shazy is your one-stop to cater all your needs.

9. A2Z Events Solutions:

Located at one of the prime locations in Lahore, the A2Z Events Solutions is one of the best event planners in Lahore. After making countless clients satisfied in the US, UK, Middle East and the Europe successfully, A2Z event solutions is right here in your city to make your events memorable.

10. TED Events:

TED Events is one of the top event planners in Lahore. They shall cater to all your needs and desires by using the latest trends. They’ll arrange an indoor setting or even outdoor setting for the event as per the request of their client.

11. AKN Events & Pr.:

Located at a prominent location in Lahore, the AKN Events & Pr. will not only provide management in case of weddings, birthdays, but also in the case of conferences, fun fairs, and even concert. The setting of the event could be outdoor or indoor, depending upon the demand of the client.

12. Thematic Birthday Planner:

Comprising of young and energetic team, the thematic birthday planner shall not only make your birthdays memorable but will also save you from all the stress and will save your time.

13. Paper N Cake:

The team at Paper N Cake will not only make your birthdays and events marvelous but will fill them with such joyful moments that you shall remember your whole life. The Paper N Cake team will cater to all the needs and desires of their clients.

14. Eventartist:

The Eventartist shall not only fill your birthdays with joy but will also make your bridal showers and related events top notch and up to your demands.

15. LaFesta:

The team at LaFesta will not only make your birthdays special but will make your imaginary life come to existence. They shall also provide gift baskets, birth announcements, supply of decoration items etc.

The best event planners in Lahore have been aforementioned. The contacts, portfolios, and details of the best event planners and other service providers can be easily looked up at PakCheers.com

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